Terms & Conditions

  • 1. By using our online platforms “www.myladdugopala.com”,you agree:
  • 2. That you are not using anyone else’s login credentials or any other data including user name, email-id, password, financial details etc. without prior legal authorisation.
  • 3. That the customer is using secured internet connection and a device which is free from any malware or viruses.
  • 4. That the customer is not using any illegal or unauthorised VPN server or any other technology which is not permissible to use under the law of the land.
  • 5. That in case we detect any such activity, omission or use of any such technology; MyladduGopala has every right and duty to not only cancel the transaction but also take necessary actions against such customer without prior intimation to the customer.
  • 6. That while surfing the website and placing the order, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to fill in the correct details and place orders. Once the order has been placed and the transaction stands complete, MyladduGopala.com shall not be responsible for any wrongly filled information or data. However, the customer can contact the concerned officials of MyladduGopala. through the given channel, nevertheless, it shall be the sole discretion of MyladduGopala. to entertain such requests of the customer.
  • 7. That it is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide the correct shipping address. In case, the customer provides wrong/insufficient address and the product gets delivered at the address provided by the customer which later turns out to be the wrong address, MyladduGopala. shall not be responsible for any refunds, returns or any other support whatsoever.
  • 8. That each substance, content, product and pictures utilized on www.MyladduGopala.is property of Myladdugopal.
  • 9. That you shall not post, replicate, download, transfer, transmit, retransmit, circulate, redistribute, produce, republish, recompile, dismantle or make any adjustment or commercial abuse of any exclusive material made accessible through www.MyladduGopala.com
  • 10. That MyladduGopal only saves and stores the personal contact details of its customers for analytical purposes or any other purposes as stipulated in the foregoing policies. MyladduGopala specifically denies of having access to or storing any financial details (bank account number, card details etc.) of its customers.
  • 11. That the customer shall solely be responsible for any mishaps while operating this website and shall not held liable to MyladduGopal or any of its affiliates for any data leak or transactional hazards.
  • 12. That in case of any dissatisfaction towards the services and/or products of MyladduGopal, the customer shall first approach to the concerned officer of www.myladdugopal.com to resolve the issue. We are committed to serve our customers in the best possible way and will try to resolve as soon as possible.
  • 13. That in case of any dispute, it is only the Courts located within the territory of New Delhi shall have the appropriate jurisdiction to try and decide the matter. It is further specifically stated that no other Courts of the Republic of India, including the Courts of Jammu and Kashmir, shall have the jurisdiction to try and decide the matter except for the Courts located within the territory of New Delhi.
  • 14. That you have read and understood these terms and conditions before moving further and placing order at MyladduGopal.

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