How to dress up Laddu Gopala day-wise?

Radhey Radhey!

Love for Lord Krishna is unconditional. Hindu devotees worship all forms of Lord Krishna, the most adorable one being his childhood form (Bal Swaroop) known as Laddu Gopal. In this avatar, Laddu Gopal is worshipped in a baby form and is believed to be one among the family members. The joy of dressing, offering, caring and embracing Laddu Gopal is purely magical.

Devotees from around the world dress their little Laddu Gopal every single day and treat him just like their own child. Seva is an integral part of worshipping Lord Laddu Gopal. For generations, sages describe how one should perform ashtayam seva for Sri Laddu Gopal and how one should perform Shringaar and dress Lord as per hour, day and occasion.

In several temples of Shri Dham Vrindavan, Krishna’s shringaar is performed after every 4 hours, and in some temples, it is done after every hour. Laddu Gopal  ki dress is a sight to behold in many temples of Vrindavan for devotees. In the morning hours, before the pooja is conducted, the devotees bathe him and perform his shringaar. Once Laddu Gopal ji Shringhaar is done, the pooja starts and all the devotees line up to admire the mesmerizing look of Lord Krishna.

In Hindu culture, colours play a very important role and have deep significance, transcending purely decorative values. According to Hindu Mythology each day of a week has a presiding god of its own. Hindus use colours on deities and their dresses depending on the days of the week. Devotees dress up Laddu Gopal, in the same way, to remain connected with the planets and increase their prosperity.  

List of Days and Colours to dress up Lord Laddu Gopal:

Vibrant Sunday:

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The week begins with Sunday and this day is ruled by the center of the solar system, the Sun. Sunday is Ravivaar, Ravi being the Sun God or Surya. According to Hindu Mythology, Sunday is the day of Sun hence, colour red is preferred by the people. Dress your Kanhaji in any vibrant color, preferably red on Sunday.

Magnificent Monday:

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As per Hinduism, Monday’s colour is white or blue. Monday is presided over by Lord Shiva and blue flowers are offered to him in prayers. Also, Monday is ruled by Chandra (The Moon) hence, white. Soft white or shades of blue are considered auspicious for Monday. Dress your Laddu Gopal in White or Blue on Monday to seek his divine blessings.

Narangi Tuesday:

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Tuesday is observed as the day of Lord Hanuman in Hindu culture. Dress up Laddu Gopal in the shades of orange which is also sogn of positivity and optimism.

Bright Wednesday

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Mercury is the planet for this day. Green is considered very auspicious for Wednesdays denoting peace and calm. Dress up your Laddu Gopal with different shades of green on Wednesday.

Glowing Thursdays

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Thursday is the day of Lord Vishnu. People wear yellow on this day as Hindu culture says that this colour was worn and loved by the lord himself. Dress up your Laddu Gopal in yellow shades on Thursday to brighten up the vibes. Some devotees also offer him yellow rice on Thursday.

Vivid Fridays

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Friday is associated with Venus. Hence, white and aqua colours are preferred. For Kanhaji These colors reflects cool, positivity and calmness. Dress up your Laddu Gopal in beautiful white shades on Fridays.

Radiant Saturday

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Saturday is ruled by planet Saturn. Colours used on this day are purple, indigo, mauve, dark grey or black. All these colours are associated with the wrath of Shani (Saturn). 

As per Hindu culture, wearing day appropriate colours brings positivity, peace and prosperity to lives. Laddu Gopal is so colourful and lovable, seeing him in all shades of colour is a sight to behold!

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